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The Andersons

The five of us in the Anderson house.



I have been teaching for over 25 years. I have taught English as a foreign language, fundamental math, business and computer usage courses. I earned a Masters of Education from the University of Minnesota and my B.S. in Business from the (now) Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. I also earned an A.S. degree in Mathematics from a community college. I have been around the world once going east and half way around going west. I have enjoyed traveling and seeing new places.

We are a family of five, however one son is living at his school, the University of Minnesota, Duluth, where he is studying Chemical Engineering. One other son is in Connecticut, working as an accuary and the last is still a high school student. I have helped them out with their educations by teaching them how to schedule their classes for several purposes at once for completion in a timely manner. Alas, they will not be home for much longer and my wife and I appreciate having other people around the house, too.

Many years ago, we had the experience, while living in Japan, of sending some of my English conversation students to Minnesota to become foreign students there. They stayed with my parents and younger brother in their homes, some for as long as five years. They all had fairly good experiences and earned various degrees while here.

I created the website by myself, which makes me very proud, since I did not know about style sheets and xhml before I started the project. However, I learned to code it in a relatively short time.

Time has gone on. In 2009 we had three visitors, I am still teaching business, but I have also taken another job. I am working with precious metals. I enjoy doing my job because I think people should protect themselves from fiat currencies. I believe that I help people out when I work with them.

In 2010 we had more visitors come from Japan and stay at various times of the year. One student, a middle school student is staying with us on a full-time basis to finish high school in Minnesota.

Time has gone on, further. In 2010 and 2011 we had more visitors, I am still teaching business.

In 2012 and 2013 we had more visitors come from Japan, China, Germany, Korea, France and Spain and stay at different times of the year for variable periods of time to visit us. We have also taken up sailing on small sailboats. We enjoy all of the lake time we can get.

Since then we have had visitors from Italy, Korea, Japan and China, again.

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I am the woman of the house. I was born and raised in Shizuoka City, Japan. I met my husband when I was learning English because he was my teacher. We got married and had three boys in Shizuoka City. We moved to here when my oldest boy was 6-years-old for his education. Now, he is 24-years-old.

I like to live here because Bloomington has great nature and is a convenient location. High schools, colleges and universities are close. The Minneapolis/St. Paul international airport is, also, nearby.

I like flower and vegetable gardening in the spring, summer and fall. Watching birds and small animals is fun, too. I spend time playing interesting board games with my family and sewing. Playing volleyball is another of my favorite things to do. In the winter I like to shovel snow, read books and do sudoku puzzles. When my sons were younger, I liked leading the Cub Scouts. I like people who try new things and live simple.

We have had some visitors in our home. I make a garden every year. I was also trying to freeze dry fruit and vegetables this winter, but, without success. I look forward to having many homegrown tomatoes every year. I like to have many different students that have different characters and thoughts. I like taking with them, spending time with them. I look forward to having more students stay with us this year. I like to have people think of different options, short time staying, long time staying and only very short stays. For example, we had two students visit from Japan for spring break stays and some for the summer break from Germany and Japan.

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I graduated from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus, with a Bachelors of Science in Math and another one in Statistics with a minor in Japanese.

Outside of work, I like basketball, tennis, swimming, frisbee, biking, camping, and being outdoors. I like playing board games, playing the piano, and reading sci-fi and fantasy books.

I went abroad to Tokyo before I graduated to study Japanese.

In 2012, I was thinking of starting my own company or going back to school for a graduate degree. I lived in Connecticut. I am now working in Minnesota.

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I am in college and I enjoy living in Duluth, Minnesota. I was attending college. While I was in high school, I took college classes to prepare for my future. My younger brother graduated from the same high school as I.

At University of Minnesota, I enjoyed studying and playing water polo. I was in the boy scouts and obtained the rank of Eagle scout. In Boy Scouts, I liked to camp, bike ride, climb on climbing towers, do archery, shoot rifles, shoot shotguns, and liked to help the younger scouts get farther along in scouting.

I was studying to become a chemical engineer, which I did. In high school, I went to the state meet and swam with my swimming team in some events. I am now working in a chemical plant and visit home occasionally.

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I am the third and final son of the house.

I enjoy sailing, studying Japanese and plan to visit within the next few years. Some hobbies of mine include surfing the web, reading, games, tennis, basketball, swimming, biking, etc. I am still at home. I work with a parcel delivery company.

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These are some of the pictures of our visitors and things we do. I hope this gives you interest in staying with us.


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